Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ghost in your Laptop!

Kategori: My Side

After a long interview with some students who have an internet access in their computer, I can make an assumption: Internet is blamable to destroy our entire life. Ask me why?

Simple, you may ask those kind of people, what do they do if they start their life in the morning. One of answer is maybe switch on computer, connect to the internet, go to Yahoo Messenger, see how many mails they got during the night, answer the offline messages, check out their mailbox, continue to other mailbox, or even open their Friendster, or see some on-line-news-sites. But it’s not only happend in the morning, but in all leisure time! Worst, right?

Those people may sit so many hours in front of their PC. And it really brings laziness. Our plans to read scripts from campus or to cook for our lunch will get lost. It is more dangerous than opium or other addicted-narcotics. You waste your time with doing nothing, but you can’t go away from it!

Ru’yah, an islamic method to take out some mystical things from our body, is just booming in our community in Berlin. I have asked an Ustadz, when he was in Berlin during Ramadhan, what are the signs by someone who should be taken in ru’yah. Then he aswered, „being so lazy to do something,“. I told him spontaneously, „So please take me in ru’yah! The sign is on me!“. He laughed, then answered, „You shouldn’t, but you should marry soon!“.

I still believe that there’s something wrong in my body. It seems like I dont have any feel like doing something. All I want to do is just sitting on my PC, altough there’s nothing I do with it. I try to share this annoying feel to the other, and I was suprised, that they have also the same problem like me! It’s all because our PC.

Someone has told me his method to divert us from it, especially in the exam time. Keep your laptop in your bag, lock up, and not to open it until next weekend. And it works! You can concentrate your day with something usefull.

I think, our laptop should be taken in ru’yah! Not us! So, beware!